PLC Programming

With Progicon, you get a software developer with a thorough knowledge of PLC programming.

And that’s a good thing, because then you also benefit from a guide that can acquaint you with systems such as Siemens Step7, TIA Portal, WinCC (Flexible), Starter, Rockwell Micro800 and many others.

Step 7

Progicon specialises in PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programming in a Siemens environment, such as for Simatec Step7 and its successor, TIA Portal. We can programme the S7-1200, S7-300, S7-400 or the new S7-1500 PLC for you. We have all the software licences and hardware tools required to automate your processes through PLC.

PCS7 Programming

PCS7, or Process Control System, is a DCS system based on the Siemens Simatic Step 7 family. These DCS systems use S7-400 hardware plus an adapted Simatic Manager and WinCC software.

Fanuc Robots programming

Robots hold no secrets for Progicon either. For example, we work together with Fanuc, a manufacturer of industrial robots.


OLE for Process Control handles the link between PLC/WinCC (Flexible) and the PC/server. After all, besides logging and viewing data, the data also needs to be processed. An OPC server sends all data from the PLC to, for instance, an SQL server or VB/VC programme which processes the data and passes it on to a programme or network higher up in the hierarchy (SAP, SAS, or an own ERP package).

HMI programmeren

HMI stands for Human Machine Interface, i.e. operating your machine driven by the PLC. Siemens used to distinguish between low-end and high-end such as WinCC Flexible and WinCC. Today, both packages are included in TIA Portal.

WinCC (Windows Control Centre) Flexible is the environment in which we programme displays for machine operation. This operation is flexible, so for instance you can choose a small display with a few buttons and a few lines of text (with or without touchscreen), a display with a detailed graphics user interface, or a multi-touch display with its own graphics house style operating with its own database (OPC server) for data storage and processing.

This makes WinCC the bridge between the programmed display and a fully-fledged computer with PLC control (see Scada for more information).

Scada (WinCC, Intouch)

Scada (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is not just the PLC machine control, but also the complete control and follow-up of your production process.

Siemens uses the WinCC package, which enables us to virtualise everything the PLC drives by means of manual controls and plan for all possible situations. More than that: everything is fully logged and tracked. Besides Siemens, Wonderware, with its Intouch software, is also a major player in the Scada market.

Pilz PNOZmulti

Pilz in an innovative automation company. It is primarily the PNOZmulti PLC which occupies our software table for programming safety procedures on machines. You come across PNOZmulti in various branches of activity. The intelligent combination of safety and standard operating functions, the modular concept and simple configuration make possible the operation of the simplest of machines or the most interlinked of configurations. PNOZmulti is so flexible that it adapts itself to your needs.