Industrial automation

The most important thing about your industrial production process is that everything operates safely and efficiently. This is why we rely on our proprietary software solution to facilitate the automated operations of your machinery.

Our automation engineers do this for large and small projects. And with the following systems within easy reach.

PLC automation

The foundation of industrial automation. Progicon uses the Siemens TIA Portal automation software. It goes without saying that we have all the necessary software licenses and hardware tools needed to perfect all aspects of your production process.

Safety PLC

You want everything to be safe. Still, if something were to go wrong, you don’t want to shut down your entire system. This is why we start by identifying all the potential hazards associated with your production process. Additional security can be achieved through the implementation of a safety PLC. The greatest advantage? In emergency situations, only the machines actually affected will be unavailable, rather than your entire production line. We use Siemens Safety PLC and Pilz PNOZMulti. These two systems guarantee additional safety and flexibility within your production process. This enables you to integrate regular automation with extensive safety functions – or the other way around, of course.


You want to know what your machines are doing at all times. This is what an HMI – a so-called Human Machine Interface – is for.
You can consider it the control panel of your industrial production process.

The controls are entirely up to you: you can select either a small display screen with or without a touchscreen, or a large, interactive screen that reflects your own house style.


This system will give you full control over your entire factory.
SCADA stands for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition.

You can use it to monitor all aspects of the production process. Progicon
can integrate this into your system and store all the data that are important to you.


Let us optimize your production process

Our dedicated team of automation engineers provides tailor-made solutions to optimize the efficiency, quality and speed of your production processes through advanced automation technologies. Thus, you can not only save costs but also strengthen your competitive position.

Fanuc Industrial robots

AI, machine learning, and robots: Progicon continues to grow with the sector and can program the entire industrial robot series produced by the Japanese FANUC firm for you.

This leads to increased productivity on your production line.

Always receive your electrical diagrams digitally

We use EPLAN software to create a digital version of your existing diagram during the start-up phase. The result is an up-to-date and completely digital diagram.